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Navigating the Path to Prosperity with Hannah Chapman (Expansive CEO)



In the dynamic world of financial planning, few experts combine the pragmatism of finance with the nuances of personal growth as effectively as Hannah Chapman. Recently, we had the privilege of engaging in a deep-dive conversation with Hannah, a trailblazer in the financial planning sector with over 17 years of experience. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA), and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC), Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the table. This article discusses Navigating the Path to Prosperity with Hannah Chapman.

Our conversation revolved around Hannah’s innovative approach to financial planning, which intertwines the logical aspects of wealth building with the emotional and spiritual elements of personal finance. What sets Hannah apart in her field is her utilization of Human Design and inner child healing to guide her clients towards financial prosperity. She emphasized that understanding one's 'money stories' – the subconscious beliefs and emotions surrounding money – is crucial in overcoming financial barriers and achieving true prosperity.

Hannah shared insights from her journey, starting in 2007, where she noticed a common trend: despite providing her clients with detailed financial plans, many struggled to follow through. This observation led her to realize that emotional barriers often hindered their financial progress. To address this, she founded X-squared Wealth Planning, offering an environment where clients could align their financial goals with their emotional and spiritual needs.

A key aspect of our discussion was how Hannah integrates Human Design into financial planning. This unique approach allows her to tailor financial strategies to individual personalities and life paths, thereby making the financial planning process more intuitive and aligned with each client's innate tendencies.

We also delved into the concept of 'money magnetism' – attracting wealth by aligning one's financial strategies with their personal and emotional growth. Hannah explained how combining Gene Keys, Human Design, and traditional financial planning can create a powerful synergy, enhancing one's ability to attract and manage wealth effectively.

Throughout our conversation, Hannah answered several pressing questions:

  • Her distinctive approach and how it differs from traditional financial advisory services.

  • The role of Human Design in financial planning.

  • The impact of 'money stories' on financial behavior.

  • Her personal motivations for choosing financial planning and focusing on entrepreneurs.

  • Her definition of prosperity and methodologies for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

In conclusion, our conversation with Hannah Chapman was not just enlightening but transformative. She reminds us that financial planning is not just about numbers and charts; it's about understanding ourselves, our stories, and aligning our financial goals with our deepest values and aspirations. For anyone looking to navigate the complex world of finance with a holistic perspective, Hannah's insights offer a guiding light towards a prosperous and fulfilling financial future.

To learn more about Hannah Chapman and her innovative approach to financial planning, visit for more insights and updates.

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