Client Testimonials

Do you 
  • Dissatisfied in your chosen profession or career?

  • Confused about your purpose in life

  • Feel like you're not operating from your strengths
  • Feel like you're not fulfilling your potential
  • Feel like you're the "only one"
  • Feel lost​
  • Trapped in the "rat race"​
  • Burned out

  • Disengaged

  • Feel out of control

  • Stuck​​​ & no options

take control of


Do you want:​

  • More free time

  • Better work life balance

  • Better health, sleep

  • Better relationships

  • To reach your highest potential

  • Do what you were “meant to do”

  • Become happy & fulfilled

  • Operate from your strengths

  • ​Fire your boss

  • Fire your co-workers

  • Be done w/ office politics, drama?

  • Live anywhere in the world when you want to?

  • Work from anywhere you want anytime you want to?

  • Travel

  • Give back


Your Greatest Self.



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"Dr. Loo helped me at one of the lowest points in my life. I resigned from a competitive residency specialty. He helped me gain clarity for what was most important to me, define my purpose, and mapped out a game-plan towards achieving my goals. Thank you." - M. L.

"I couldn't get into medical school because I failed my MCAT's. I was lost & confused. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Dr. Loo shared his personal failures with me, and used that to reach me on a level nobody could have without those experiences. I am currently on my path & purpose in life." - K. C. M.

"The guidance I received from Dr. Loo has really helped me get a better understanding for what career path to take. I now have more confidence in my career goals and choices." - N. S.

"I was undecided between a career in investment banking vs. going to medical school. The 2 hours I spent talking w/ Dr. Loo was more valuable than 3 years of career counseling services at my university. And it only cost me a cappuccino!" - A. Welch.

"First, Dr. Loo helped me understand that getting an MD carries weight and keeps doors open. Dr. Loo's  experiences gave me insight into the realities of working in medicine, which fueled excitement tempered by cautious optimism. Dr. Loo also explained that there are multiple options for MDs, many of which are non-clinical. Lastly, Dr. Loo's advice to really know myself and to know why I'm pursuing medicine sparked a lot of internal reflection and helped me comprehend my drive to become a doctor". - D.K.C. (UT-Austin 2018) 

"Dr. Loo has first-hand knowledge regarding career development, networking, and entrepreneurship. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning how to navigate a risky entrepreneurial career to hire him." - S.P. (Rice University 2018).