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Financial Planning for Optimal Retirement

Updated: Jan 11, 2023



Erik's mission is to use financial planning to help people over age 50 realize and live their ideal retirement. He believes in the 5 F's: Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends & Finances. Money touches every aspect of our lives, and having confidence and security in one's financial condition is critical to free up mental energy to devote to the things that matter most in their lives. Especially at this stage, when they are about to make, arguably, one of the most stressful transitions in their lives.

Erik created his firm to provide a level of care that focuses on people's attitudes toward money and their values. The financial planning services offered are used to support the care provided and to help guide people to the outcomes they truly want to achieve.

Erik's focus is to educate people on how they can come to grips with how they value money so that they can ultimately have more discretionary time. Time is the only thing none of us can buy!

Ideas and questions discussed in this episode:

  1. How to prepare as a couple for retirement.

  2. True wealth is discretionary time. How will you spend it in retirement?

  3. How to envision, plan for and live your ideal life in retirement.

  4. The importance of money is not what you think.

  5. Attitudes and actions are all we control.

  6. Why do you do what you do?

  7. In what ways should a person getting ready to retire prepare?

  8. What do most people miss in their preparation for retirement?

  9. In what ways can someone catch up if they started retirement saving late?

  10. What do most financial services firms miss in providing care for their clients?

  11. How does emotional readiness relate to money readiness in retirement?

  12. In what ways does getting in touch with one's values help their retirement preparation?

  13. How does proper financial care truly affect someone's life?

  14. How can someone address retirement when the time frame was put upon them, like in a downsizing at their company?

  15. How can couples communicate with each other about what each of their visions of retirement are?

Disclaimer: Results not vetted. Not advice. Do your due diligence.


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