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Harnessing Courage Over Confidence: A Candid Conversation with Entrepreneur Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney



When it comes to entrepreneurship, courage is the cornerstone on which success is built. In a recent enlightening conversation with Amanda McKinney, a self-made entrepreneur known for her unflinching encouragement and passion for empowerment, we learned just how pivotal courage can be in our journeys.

Amanda didn't start with a business degree or a readymade plan. Her journey to success was carved out through relentless curiosity, one Google search, book, podcast episode, and YouTube video at a time. Her path wasn't paved with confidence, but rather, courage - the courage to keep learning, the courage to keep growing, and the courage to believe in her vision.

One key insight from our conversation with Amanda was the emphasis she places on defining success on personal terms. It's an empowering idea, making us realize that success isn't a universally defined objective but a personal journey with individual milestones. The concept of chasing after our personal definition of success unapologetically resonated deeply with us.

Another compelling aspect of Amanda's philosophy is her approach to setting boundaries. Interestingly, her focus isn't on establishing boundaries with others but setting boundaries with oneself. This approach challenges us to re-evaluate our habits and behaviors that could be standing in the way of our success.

Amanda is also an advocate for setting realistic, 90-day goals. She believes in the power of these short-term goals and the clarity they provide for entrepreneurs. Amanda's unconventional wisdom suggests that it's okay not to hit these goals the first few times. It's not about immediate success, but the growth and lessons learned along the way.

During our conversation, Amanda shared a deeply personal story about advice her late brother, a successful entrepreneur, gave her that transformed her perspective on success. This anecdote served as a powerful reminder that our perception of success is often influenced by those around us, yet it's something we need to define and strive for ourselves.

In her infectious, encouraging way, Amanda inspired us to take action, harness our courage, and relentlessly chase our definition of success. Her beliefs serve as a guide, helping us to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape while constantly challenging and pushing us to become better versions of ourselves.

This enlightening conversation with Amanda McKinney left us with invaluable insights, a refreshed perspective, and most importantly, the courage to continue pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, there's a world of wisdom to be gained from Amanda's experiences and perspectives. It's time for us to take action, set those 90-day goals, and begin our journey towards success - on our own terms.

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