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Entrepreneurship From Fundraising to Exit



Drake Scifers is a lifelong entrepreneur. His experience stretches across the advertising, digital media, real estate, private equity, and the telecommunication industries. Drake has always been an entrepreneur since the age of 16. After obtaining a finance Degree, he started a digital marketing agency right out of school, sold out to his business partner, worked in commercial real estate development building houses and a luxury RV park, and endured a brief stint in private equity consulting. Most recently, Drake raised angel funding for rural internet service provider. Got company to profitability 2017-2019. Grew 80% during COVID (2020) through employment restrictions. He recently sold his latest start-up Skyber, a fiber-backed, wireless internet service provider in October 2020.

Ideas and Questions Discussed During the Episode:

  1. Scaling and selling your business during COVID

  2. How to build a business to sell

  3. Why customer experience is everything

  4. Why friction is killing your business

  5. What's your favorite book?

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Disclaimer: Not advice. Educational purposes only. Not an endorsement for or against. Results not vetted. Due your due diligence.

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