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Embracing Radical Responsibility: Unraveling the Game of Life with Coach Carolyn Mahboubi



In a fascinating conversation brimming with wisdom and inspiration, I recently sat down with Carolyn Mahboubi, a distinguished Life and Leadership Coach. Carolyn, equipped with more than four decades of leadership and entrepreneurial experience, advocates for living life like a "Game" — a game where fun, skills, and the understanding of rules play an integral part.

At the heart of our conversation were Carolyn's "4 Life Principles to Quit the Hustle," which emphasized working efficiently rather than constantly chasing unachievable expectations. She illuminated the "4 Pillars of Our Total Environment," a blueprint that she believes acts as a compass towards achieving personal growth and fulfillment.

Carolyn also delved into the notion of being a "Fierce Giver," clarifying that surrendering does not equate to giving up. Rather, it represents a powerful recognition of our limitations, allowing us to focus our efforts on what we can change.

Shattering conventional perspectives on networking, Carolyn underscored the importance of building genuine connections. For her, deep, meaningful relationships supersede superficial interactions, making them far more beneficial and rewarding.

Carolyn's journey from a young leader to becoming a transformative coach was truly awe-inspiring. We touched upon her unique coaching philosophy of transitioning from an Amateur to a Pro mindset. This distinct outlook is integral to her coaching model, empowering her clients to take 'Radical Responsibility' in their lives, which can lead to significant transformations.

We explored various pertinent questions about coaching's essence and value, the distinction between coaching and therapy, and practical advice for maximizing the benefits of one's coaching journey. For those contemplating hiring a coach, Carolyn offered critical guidance, emphasizing the need for shared values and a compatible coaching style.

Our conversation concluded on a powerful note — discussing the importance of transitioning from an Amateur to a Pro in life. As Carolyn beautifully articulated, "embodying even one of my principles can set you on a path towards a life of profound power and purpose."

Engaging with Carolyn Mahboubi was a journey into a world of deep wisdom and transformative insights. Whether you're at the inception of your personal development journey or looking to elevate your game, Carolyn's principles serve as a beacon guiding you towards mastering the Game of Life. So, as we navigate our path, let's remember — life, like any game, is meant to be enjoyed. Play it with passion, resilience, and above all, joy!

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