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Breaking the Booze Barrier: A Conversation with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown on Alcohol Productivity and Wellbeing



In a world where productivity and wellbeing are often compromised by the silent epidemic of alcohol, our recent podcast episode with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown offers a beacon of hope and practical insights. Duncan, a renowned speaker, author, and sobriety coach, joined us to share his transformative journey and the profound impact of alcohol on our lives and workplaces. This article discusses, "Breaking the Booze Barrier: A Conversation with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown on Alcohol Productivity and Wellbeing"

From Overindulgence to Empowerment

Duncan's story is one of remarkable change. After 20 years of heavy drinking, smoking, and unhealthy habits, he decided to turn his life around. His journey took him through rigorous training with the world’s most successful stop smoking service, academic studies at Cornell University, and the Chartered Management Institute. Despite these accomplishments, Duncan felt there was still more to be done. His passion for helping others led him to write books, conduct research, and start conversations about sobriety and its benefits.

Alcohol: A Business Problem

One of the most striking points Duncan made during our conversation is that alcohol is not just a personal issue; it's a significant business problem. The statistics are staggering. The World Health Organization found that the average man drinks 19.4 liters of pure alcohol every year, equating to nearly four bottles of wine a week. In the last 30 days alone, 40% of Britons and 36% of Americans had a heavy drinking episode. These habits are costing the American economy at least $430 billion annually, more than the entire turnover of Apple.

The Hidden Harms of Moderate Drinking

Duncan emphasized that the harm from drinking isn't confined to the extremes. Moderate drinking can have insidious effects on productivity, health, and overall wellbeing. He discussed the importance of recognizing these hidden harms and taking proactive steps to mitigate them. Businesses, in particular, need to address this issue to ensure their employees' productivity and health are not being drained by alcohol.

Changing the Narrative Around Alcohol

A fascinating aspect of our discussion was Duncan's obsession with the portrayal of alcohol in media. He pointed out how streaming services like Netflix often glamorize drinking, perpetuating a culture where alcohol is seen as a necessary part of life. This portrayal can be harmful, especially when it influences young and impressionable minds.

Sobriety: Not Just for Women

Duncan also touched on a lesser-discussed topic: the gender dynamics of sobriety. He expressed sadness that stopping drinking is one area in life that isn’t dominated by men. His book, "Real Men Quit," challenges the stereotype and provides a guide for men looking to beat booze and find the life they want.

Embracing Sobriety and Wellness

In our conversation, Duncan shared practical tips for getting over indulgence and embracing a healthier lifestyle. He stressed the importance of viewing sobriety as a journey towards increased energy, improved relationships, and overall enjoyment of life. To help our listeners on this path, Duncan generously offers a free copy of his book, "Get Over Indulgence," available in Kindle, PDF, and audio formats.

Breaking the Booze Barrier: A Conversation with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown on Alcohol Productivity and Wellbeing

Duncan Bhaskaran Brown's insights are a wake-up call for anyone grappling with alcohol's impact on their life or workplace. His message is clear: it's time to break the booze barrier, start the conversation about alcohol, and make sobriety the new normal. By doing so, we can improve our productivity, enhance our wellbeing, and enjoy life to the fullest.

To learn more about Duncan and get your free copy of "Get Over Indulgence," visit Let’s start this journey together and create a healthier, more productive future.


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