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Creating a Mental Framework to Manage the Roller Coaster of Emotions



Koen Knaepen is a mindset trainer. He trains you to create the mindset necessary for the challenge you face based on insights of how the brain operates.

Educated as mathematician, actuary, and an MBA, Koen has worked in the corporate, small company, and start-up sector. After he suffered burnout, he started his journey of understanding the brain and forming a mental framework that could be utilized for the goals that he set for himself. Koen's experience is the basis of the mindset training that he teaches his clients.

Ideas and Questions Discussed During the Episode:

  1. You need a framework to manage the roller coaster of emotions.

  2. Reconnect with the dreams of your youth!

  3. The 3 secrets to create a winning mindset

  4. The key to motivation

  5. What is wrong with me?

  6. What is necessary to achieve your goals?

  7. Why do we not achieve our goals?

  8. What do successful people do differently?

  9. How do we block ourselves?

  10. What is success in the brain?

  11. Does willpower work?

  12. How can we get clarity in what we want in our life or business?

  13. What to do about procrastination?

  14. Do we need to heal every trauma?

  15. What if somebody feels like an imposter?

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