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Unpacking the Power of Turnkey Real Estate Investments with Zach Lemaster




Many dream of financial independence and early retirement, but few achieve it as impressively as Zach Lemaster, a former optometrist turned real estate mogul. In a recent discussion on our podcast, Financial Freedom for Physicians, Zach shared his insights on achieving early retirement through strategic real estate investments, particularly turnkey properties. His company, Rent To Retirement, stands as a testament to the viability of this approach for busy professionals. This article discusses Unpacking the Power of Turnkey Real Estate Investments.

Transitioning from Medicine to Real Estate:

Zach's journey began in the field of medicine, where he served as an optometrist and a Captain in the US Air Force. Despite a successful career, Zach’s passion for real estate investment led him to explore properties across various markets, including single-family, multifamily, commercial, and new constructions. His strategy was clear: focus on markets that maximize cash flow, appreciation, and equity growth. This eventually allowed him to retire from medicine in his 30s and transition into full-time investing.

Why Turnkey Investing?

During our conversation, Zach highlighted the appeal of turnkey investing, especially for professionals who might lack the time or expertise to manage properties directly. Turnkey investing involves purchasing properties that are renovated, tenanted, and managed by a third party, allowing investors to enjoy passive income. It's a strategy that fits perfectly for individuals who want to invest in real estate without the hassles of day-to-day management.

The Benefits of Geographic Diversification:

Zach advocates for investing in diverse geographic locations. This approach not only spreads risk but also taps into different economic growth areas, balancing between markets with high appreciation potential and those offering steady cash flow. According to Zach, "It's about not putting all your eggs in one basket and understanding the economic drivers in different regions."

Tax-Smart Investing Over Cash Flow:

One of the more technical aspects of our discussion centered on the importance of tax-smart investing strategies. Zach pointed out that while cash flow is essential, understanding and planning for tax implications can often yield a better net return. "Investing with taxes in mind can often lead to more significant long-term benefits than merely focusing on immediate cash flow," Zach explained.

Building a Team of Professionals:

Successful real estate investing doesn't happen in a vacuum. Zach stressed the importance of assembling a team of experienced professionals, including real estate agents, property managers, accountants, and legal advisors. This network ensures that each investment is optimized for success and compliant with all regulations.

Future-Proofing Investments:

A topic that intrigued many listeners was Zach’s advice on future-proofing investments. He emphasized the need for clear exit strategies and adaptability in changing markets. "Real estate is dynamic; your strategies should be too. Having a plan for the next 3-10 years, including potential exit strategies, is crucial," said Zach.


Zach Lemaster's transition from optometry to real estate is not just a career change but a lifestyle overhaul that has brought him significant financial freedom. For our listeners, Zach’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for anyone considering real estate as a pathway to early retirement. Turnkey investing, according to Zach, is more than just a passive income stream—it's a step towards building generational wealth.

Unpacking the Power of Turnkey Real Estate Investments with Zach Lemaster:

For those inspired by Zach’s journey and interested in exploring the potential of turnkey investments, visit Rent To Retirement. Dive into the resources available, and consider how this approach might fit into your financial strategies. Remember, the goal isn't just to invest; it's to invest wisely and grow sustainably.

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