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The Power of Truth in Fiction: A Conversation with Dr. Debra Blaine, MD



In her latest book, "Beyond the Pillars of Salt," Dr. Debra Blaine explores the consequences of our society's behavior and postulates on what could happen if we continue down our current path. But rather than writing a dry, academic treatise, Dr. Blaine uses the medium of fiction to make her ideas easier to absorb.

As we discussed in our conversation with Dr. Blaine, there is a power in truth in fiction that can gently guide us towards a greater understanding of the challenges facing our healthcare industry and society as a whole. By exploring complex issues through the lens of fictional characters, Dr. Blaine is able to shed light on important societal issues in a way that is relatable and engaging.

One of the key themes in "Beyond the Pillars of Salt" is the need for humanity to become more decent human beings, both in our treatment of the planet and of each other. Dr. Blaine postulates that if we do not learn to live in greater harmony, we will engineer our own extinction. By presenting this idea in the form of a dystopian fiction, she is able to explore the consequences of our actions in a way that is both cautionary and compelling.

Dr. Blaine's use of fiction writing is not limited to exploring the consequences of our society's behavior. In "Undue Influences," she writes about the wave of extremism that has fractured our communities and the influence of media and politics on our beliefs and opinions. Through the medium of fiction, Dr. Blaine is able to explore complex issues and encourage readers to think critically about the world around them.

Overall, our conversation with Dr. Blaine highlighted the power of truth in fiction in shedding light on important societal issues. By using the medium of fiction to explore complex issues, Dr. Blaine is able to make her ideas more accessible and engaging to a wider audience. It is through works like "Beyond the Pillars of Salt" and "Undue Influences" that we can begin to understand the challenges facing our society and work towards a better, more harmonious future.

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