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Navigating Empowered Leadership: Insights from Charlotte Rooney (Half Managed Mind)



In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, navigating empowered leadership with Charlotte Rooney, the journey to the top is often fraught with challenges, especially for women. Charlotte Rooney, a leadership and anti-burnout coach, offers a refreshing perspective on this journey. I had the privilege of conversing with Charlotte, whose own path from humanitarian aid worker to a seasoned strategy consultant, and an entrepreneur provides a wealth of experience and insights. This blog post encapsulates the key takeaways from our enlightening discussion.

From Burnout to Breakthrough

Charlotte’s journey is a powerful narrative of transformation. After a career spanning humanitarian efforts in developing countries and strategic consulting with McKinsey, she encountered a pivotal moment in her life - burnout. This experience, though challenging, led her to a significant realization about the importance of maintaining one’s wellbeing while pursuing professional success. It was this realization that propelled her into her current role as a coach, dedicated to helping women achieve leadership roles without sacrificing their health and identity.

Navigating Empowered Leadership with charlotte Rooney

One of the most compelling topics of our conversation was how Charlotte redefines leadership for women in a professional landscape often riddled with outdated and sexist biases. She emphasizes the need for women to assert their leadership authentically and powerfully, without succumbing to stereotypes about being either too demanding or too soft. Her approach focuses on balancing assertiveness with empathy, allowing women to lead effectively while remaining true to themselves.

The Art of Self-Promotion and Influence

Many women in leadership struggle with the concept of self-promotion and influencing others, often fearing that it might come across as arrogant or unseemly. Charlotte addresses these concerns by teaching women the nuances of promoting their value and influencing with integrity. She believes that self-awareness is key in this process, enabling leaders to advocate for themselves and their ideas in a manner that is both confident and genuine.

Overcoming Misconceptions and Self-Limiting Beliefs

Charlotte and I delved into the common misconceptions and self-limiting beliefs that women often encounter in their professional lives. She shared strategies to challenge these beliefs, empowering women to overcome barriers that may hinder their growth. Her approach involves fostering a mindset shift from self-doubt to self-confidence, essential for women to thrive in leadership roles.

Self-Care: A Leadership Priority

A significant part of our conversation was dedicated to the importance of self-care for leaders. Charlotte passionately argues that self-care is not just a personal indulgence but a critical component of effective leadership. She believes that taking care of one's mental and physical health directly translates to improved decision-making, resilience, and overall leadership effectiveness.

Empowering Women Leaders for the Future

Charlotte’s mission extends beyond individual coaching; she is committed to helping a thousand women thrive in leadership roles. By doing so, she aims to redefine what success looks like for future generations of leaders, advocating for a model of leadership that values wellbeing and personal fulfillment as much as professional achievements.


My conversation with Charlotte Rooney was not only insightful but also deeply inspiring. Her perspectives on leadership, self-care, and overcoming biases provide valuable guidance for any woman aiming to rise to leadership positions. Her work is a testament to the possibility of achieving professional success without compromising one’s wellbeing and identity.

For more insights and resources from Charlotte Rooney, visit her website at Her journey and teachings are a beacon for aspiring women leaders, illuminating the path to success, health, and fulfillment.

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