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Inspiring Language Learning Strategies: Insights from Nicole Lubing (Skillabration)




Learning a foreign language opens doors to new cultures, enhances cognitive abilities, and expands horizons. In this blog post, we delve into an enlightening conversation with Nicole Lubing, an experienced educator and passionate advocate for teaching foreign languages. Nicole shares her expertise and valuable insights on the importance of language education, strategies for effective teaching, and making language learning a fun and engaging experience for children.

The Importance of Teaching a Foreign Language:

Nicole emphasizes the significance of teaching foreign languages to children, highlighting the lifelong benefits it brings. From improved linguistic skills to cultural appreciation, Nicole showcases the myriad advantages of starting language learning at an early age. Through her expertise, she encourages parents and educators to embrace foreign language education as an essential component of a well-rounded education.

Transitioning from Public School Teacher to Teacherpreneur:

Nicole shares her personal journey of transitioning from a public school teacher to a successful teacherpreneur. She discusses the motivations behind her decision and the challenges she encountered along the way. Nicole's story serves as an inspiration for educators who aspire to make a bigger impact beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

Strategies for Effective Language Teaching:

Drawing from her experience teaching Spanish to homeschool families, Nicole offers valuable strategies for teaching foreign languages. She presents six effective approaches tailored for homeschool settings, including immersive activities and gradual language immersion. These strategies empower parents to create a dynamic and engaging language learning environment that promotes fluency and cultural understanding.

Making Language Learning Fun and Engaging:

Language learning doesn't have to be a mundane task. Nicole shares her insights on making the learning process fun and exciting for children. She suggests incorporating interactive activities, games, and music to ignite curiosity and motivation. By infusing joy into language learning, Nicole encourages a positive attitude towards acquiring new linguistic skills.

Balancing Traditional and Immersive Language Learning:

In the realm of language education, there is an ongoing debate between traditional learning methods and comprehensible input. Nicole navigates this debate and highlights the importance of finding a balance between the two approaches. By combining the strengths of both methods, educators can optimize language acquisition and create a well-rounded learning experience.


Nicole Lubing's expertise and passion for language education shine through our conversation. Her insights on the importance of teaching foreign languages, transitioning to entrepreneurship, effective teaching strategies, and making learning enjoyable serve as a valuable resource for educators and parents alike. By implementing Nicole's approaches, we can inspire a new generation of language learners, fostering cultural appreciation and global understanding.

Whether you're a teacher, homeschool parent, or language enthusiast, embracing the insights shared by Nicole can transform language learning into an exciting journey of discovery. Let's join hands and empower the next generation to become global citizens through the power of language!

Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations and educational insights to enhance your learning journey.

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