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From Self Employed to Business Owner Through Automation

Updated: Jan 19, 2023



Daniel is the co-founder of Hivemind CRM, a business automation SAAS Platform, and the host of the Hive With Us podcast.

He covers business automation, marketing, automation systems, and investing. Daniel helps entrepreneurs automate before they delegate, and teach client how to leverage automation and systems to take their businesses to the next level.

Ideas and topics discussed during the episode:

  1. Automated organic marketing

  2. Business Automation

  3. Software, SAAS

  4. What is Hivemind?

  5. What does business automation look like?

  6. How do you do marketing in 2023?

Disclaimer: Not advice. Educational purposes only. This is not an endorsement for or against the guest and affiliates. Results are not vetted. Do your due diligence.


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