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From Adversity to Advocacy: Uncovering Resilience with Katherine Lewis (Opportunity Made)




In a recent episode of our podcast about from adversity to advocacy, I had the privilege of engaging in an in-depth conversation with Katherine Lewis, a remarkable figure whose life story encapsulates the essence of resilience, transformation, and advocacy. Katherine, renowned for her work as the host of "Opportunity Made" and as the founder of The Leon Foundation of Excellence, shared her compelling journey and insights into overcoming intergenerational trauma, breaking barriers in tech, and fostering leadership and excellence.

Katherine's Personal Journey:

Our conversation began with Katherine recounting her turbulent yet transformative personal journey. She spoke candidly about her challenging relationship with her father and their eventual reconciliation after 13 years. This period of her life was marked by struggles with identity, purpose, and self-worth, as well as challenges like perfectionism and workaholism. Katherine’s story is a powerful reminder of the complexities of familial relationships and the deep impact they have on our personal growth.

Intergenerational Trauma and Healing:

A significant focus of our discussion was on the topic of intergenerational trauma. Katherine emphasized the importance of recognizing and healing these deep-seated patterns. Her insights shed light on how unresolved trauma can ripple through generations, affecting family dynamics, personal development, and even professional life. She passionately spoke about her work with The Leon Foundation of Excellence, where she helps youth navigate and heal these patterns, paving the way for healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Breaking into Tech and Advocacy:

Katherine's transition from teaching to becoming a software engineer is nothing short of inspirational. She highlighted the challenges and biases faced in the tech industry, especially as a woman and an advocate for accessibility. Her experiences in tech have fueled her commitment to championing the disability community, stressing the importance of inclusive and diverse perspectives in technological advancement and innovation.

Building Foundations of Excellence:

Leadership, according to Katherine, starts from within and extends into our communities. She shared her philosophy on building foundations of excellence, which involves cultivating personal leadership skills, nurturing healthy relationships, and creating opportunities for others. Her approach underscores the idea that true leadership is about empowering others and fostering environments where everyone can thrive.

Concluding Thoughts:

Our conversation with Katherine Lewis was not only enlightening but also deeply motivating. Her life’s work and her commitment to helping others overcome their struggles and find their path to excellence is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have. Katherine’s story is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of resilience, empathy, and unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the world.

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