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Empowering Readers and Authors: A Conversation with Nick Hutchison



Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Nick Hutchison, the visionary founder of BookThinkers, for an insightful conversation. Nick's journey from a passionate reader to the leader of a successful 7-figure marketing agency is nothing short of inspirational, and I am excited to share the key takeaways from our discussion.

The Genesis of BookThinkers

Nick started by sharing the origins of BookThinkers. Empowering readers and authors with Nick Hutchison. What began as a personal quest to improve his life through reading quickly transformed into a mission to help others do the same. BookThinkers, born out of this passion, is now a platform reaching over a million people monthly, connecting readers with impactful books and authors.

The Podcast That’s Changing Lives

One of the highlights of our talk was Nick’s podcast, "BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books." Ranking in the global top 2%, the podcast features in-depth conversations with authors like Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes. Nick’s enthusiasm was palpable as he spoke about the insights and stories shared on the podcast, emphasizing how these discussions are not just about books but about transforming lives.

"Rise of the Reader": More Than Just Reading

Nick's recent book, "Rise of the Reader," addresses a critical aspect often overlooked in the reading process: implementation. He passionately believes that the true value of reading lies in applying the lessons learned. This book offers strategies to master reading habits and effectively utilize the knowledge gained, a concept that resonated deeply with me.

Empowering Authors

Our conversation also ventured into how BookThinkers supports authors. Nick’s agency provides services like short-form video production, podcast booking, and social media brand building. His work has helped hundreds of authors reach millions of readers, significantly boosting their book campaigns.

Personal Takeaways

As a blogger and an avid reader, my conversation with Nick was incredibly enlightening. His perspective on the transformative power of reading, coupled with his success in building a community around this belief, was truly inspiring. It reinforced my conviction that books are not just a source of knowledge but powerful tools for change.


My conversation with Nick Hutchison was a remarkable journey through the world of books, reading habits, and the impact they can have on our lives. His passion for empowering readers and authors alike is a testament to the transformative power of literature. As I ended our discussion, I was left with a renewed appreciation for the written word and its potential to change lives, one reader at a time.

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