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Embracing the Unknown: Lynn Friesth on Overcoming Roadblocks and Achieving Personal Fulfillment



Are you looking for a fulfilling second career after a long stint in the corporate world? Look no further! In this blog post, we will delve into our recent conversation with Lynn Friesth, an entrepreneur, executive coach, and mentor, who is passionate about helping corporate leaders and experts create successful "Encore" careers.

First and foremost, what is an Encore career? Lynn defines it as a second career that provides personal fulfillment and meaningful contribution while continuing to generate income. It's an opportunity for individuals to explore new interests, pursue their passions, and leverage their experience and expertise in a different capacity.

So, why consider an Encore career? Lynn shared that it's an excellent way to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date while continuing to grow and develop as a person. It's also an opportunity to create a legacy and make a lasting impact in your field, providing a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.

Creating an Encore career can be challenging, and Lynn discussed the biggest roadblocks people face in starting this new chapter. The most significant obstacle is often the mindset shift required to transition from a traditional career to an Encore career. To be successful, you need to be willing to embrace uncertainty, take risks, and develop the mindset of both an expert and a beginner.

Lynn emphasized the importance of building habits to support your new career path and cultivating a network of mentors and coaches to help navigate the challenges. In particular, finding the right people who can help guide you in your Encore career is crucial.

Finally, Lynn shared seven reasons why he won't retire, including his desire to stay active, continue learning and growing, and maintain a sense of purpose and contribution in his field. It's clear that Lynn's Encore career has been incredibly fulfilling, and he encourages others to consider this path for themselves.

In conclusion, an Encore career is an excellent way to create a fulfilling and purposeful next chapter for those seeking it. With the right mindset, habits, and network, it's possible to successfully transition from a traditional career to an Encore career. As Lynn Friesth shared, it's all about creating your own path and pursuing your passions.

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