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Embracing the Unconventional Journey with Leigh Shulman

Updated: Mar 6



In a world where the beaten path is often the most trodden, Leigh Shulman stands as a beacon of inspiration for those daring to pave their own way. With a life story that reads like an adventurous novel, Leigh's journey from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to the serene mountains of Argentina is a testament to the power of embracing change and pursuing one’s passion. This article discusses Embracing the Unconventional Journey with Leigh Shulman.

Leigh Shulman, the author and writing mentor behind The Inspired Writer Community, has not only charted an unconventional path for herself but has also dedicated her life to guiding others on their unique writing journeys. Her bestselling book, "The Writer's Roadmap: Paving the Way To Your Ideal Writing Life," has been a guiding light for thousands, helping them navigate the complex terrain of the writing world.

Leigh's decision to leave Brooklyn and explore the world with her family was sparked by a profound moment of realization following the tragic events of 9/11. Witnessing the Twin Towers fall, she understood the fragility of life and the importance of living it to the fullest. This epiphany led her to sell everything she owned and embark on a global journey that would introduce her to a myriad of cultures, stories, and experiences.

Travel has been a significant source of inspiration for Leigh. Whether it was bartering a boat ride for a cupcake in Panama or discovering the multifaceted uses of local herbs, each experience has fueled her stories and enriched her writing. It's these adventures that have shaped her perspective, proving that there are indeed endless ways of seeing when one is open to the world's vast possibilities.

Finding her home in Argentina, Leigh has been able to blend her passion for writing with the tranquility of living amidst the Andes mountains. It's here that she has honed her craft, not just as a writer but as a mentor to aspiring writers. Through The Inspired Writer Community, Leigh has created a supportive network for women writers at any stage in their writing lives, emphasizing the business of writing, marketing, and the importance of building a sustainable writing career.

In our conversation, Leigh shared insights that are as empowering as they are enlightening. She spoke about how rejection, often feared by many, can actually be a writer's best friend. It's through rejection that writers learn resilience, refine their craft, and ultimately find their true voice. Leigh also touched on the power of mindset, creativity, and the importance of setting boundaries — themes that resonate deeply in her episode titles like "How rejection can be your best friend" and "The magical power of saying no!"

Leigh is always ready to answer questions that touch on the practicalities and emotional aspects of writing. From getting started to dealing with rejection, making time for writing amidst a busy family life, and the necessity of writing daily, Leigh offers advice that is both practical and inspirational.

Her journey underscores a crucial message: with the right mindset, anything is possible. Creativity is not a talent bestowed upon a select few but a choice available to all. As Leigh Shulman's story beautifully illustrates, sometimes, the most rewarding path is the one we pave for ourselves, guided by curiosity, passion, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

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