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Elevating Voices with Bobbie Carlton (Innovation Women)



In a recent enlightening conversation with Bobbie Carlton, the founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights, and Innovation Women, I was reminded of the power of voice, the importance of visibility for women in tech, and the transformative potential of inclusive public speaking. Bobbie, known as Boston's Innovation Den Mother and the Startup Fairy Godmother, shared her wisdom and insights, further fueling the conversation around gender equity, inclusion, and the undeniable impact of public speaking in professional realms. This article is all about Elevating Voices with Bobbie Carlton.

The Genesis of Innovation Women

Our conversation began with the inception of Innovation Women, which Bobbie affectionately refers to as her "dream job." Created to address the gender disparities on conference stages, Innovation Women has become a platform that connects event organizers with incredible female talent, ensuring that more women have the opportunity to share their expertise, insights, and stories. Bobbie's journey, from her background in professional radio to becoming a beacon of support for women looking to amplify their voices, is nothing short of inspiring.

Public Speaking: A Catalyst for Change

Bobbie passionately believes that public speaking is not just an art but a critical career and business tool. "Getting women on-stage at conferences and events will change the world," she stated, highlighting how visibility can challenge stereotypes, inspire others, and foster a more inclusive industry landscape. This visibility, according to Bobbie, is crucial for creating role models, encouraging more women to step into leadership roles, and breaking the cycle of underrepresentation.

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

A significant part of our discussion revolved around the common fear of public speaking. Bobbie shared practical advice for overcoming this hurdle, emphasizing preparation, authenticity, and the power of storytelling. "Speaking is scary for many, but it's also an opportunity to grow your career and make an impact," she advised. For introverts or those new to public speaking, Bobbie suggested starting small, seeking supportive platforms, and focusing on one's passion for the subject matter as a way to engage audiences authentically.

The Importance of Diverse and Inclusive Events

Another key topic was the importance of diversity and inclusion in event planning. Bobbie highlighted how events with diverse speakers offer richer, more comprehensive perspectives, encouraging innovation and collaboration. "Creating diverse and inclusive events is not just the right thing to do; it's essential for driving progress in our industry and society," she remarked.

Sound Advice for Aspiring Speakers

For those looking to break into public speaking or land paid engagements, Bobbie offered sound advice: build your brand, be persistent, and leverage platforms like Innovation Women. Highlighting the value of networking and social media, she shared how these tools could help speakers get noticed by event organizers.

Elevating Voices with Bobbie Carlton

My conversation with Bobbie Carlton was not just informative but deeply motivating. Her work through Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights, and Innovation Women is a testament to her commitment to elevating voices that need to be heard. As we wrapped up our discussion, it was clear that Bobbie's initiatives are more than just platforms; they're movements towards a more inclusive, equitable, and dynamic future.

For anyone looking to make their mark on the public speaking circuit, especially women in tech, Bobbie's parting message was clear: "The stage is yours. It's time to break barriers and make your voice heard." And with resources like Innovation Women, the path to the stage is more accessible than ever.

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