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Unveiling Servant Leadership with Jon Kidwell



In a world clamoring for authentic leadership, Jon Kidwell, founder of Leadwell and a seasoned leadership coach, brings a refreshing perspective on servant leadership through our engaging conversation. His insights, deeply rooted in his rich experience and his latest book, "Redefine Your Servant Leadership," offer a transformative look at what it truly means to lead in today's dynamic environment. This article discusses Unveiling Servant Leadership with Jon Kidwell.

A New Definition of Servant Leadership

Jon challenges the traditional notion of servant leadership as merely a role or a style. He emphasizes that servant leadership is an action, a continuous effort to influence others towards a shared purpose by serving them. This approach pivots away from dictatorial styles to a more inclusive and empathetic leadership model. Jon’s perspective resonates with the need for leaders to balance the act of leading with the humility of serving, blending vision with practical execution, and authenticity with adaptability.

The Journey of a Servant Leader

Our conversation revealed Jon's journey and the experiences that shaped his understanding of leadership. From his tenure as VP of Innovation and Operations at a global nonprofit to his role as an Org. Leadership professor, Jon's experiences have been diverse and enlightening. He shared anecdotes of working with renowned organizations like Apple, Nike, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, highlighting how these experiences informed his leadership philosophy and practice.

Practical Wisdom for Today’s Leaders

Jon's book, as he shared, is not just theoretical but packed with actionable advice, real-life stories, and examples of servant leaders from various sectors. He intends to equip leaders with the tools to be more effective, impactful, and fulfilled. The book’s approach to developing servant leadership skills, mindsets, and habits aims to inspire leaders to serve always, in all ways.

Amplifying Leadership Impact

A significant takeaway from our discussion was the concept of amplifying leadership impact. Jon elucidates this through the principle of leading in the tension, which involves navigating the complexities of leadership roles, expectations, and real-world challenges. He advocates for a growth-oriented mindset, enabling leaders to reinforce their learning and apply it effectively, thus fostering positive change and development.

A Legacy of Leadership

Jon Kidwell's vision for servant leadership is not just about altering leadership styles; it’s about fostering a legacy of impactful, service-driven leadership. His book and teachings encourage leaders to redefine their approach, emphasizing the need for a balance between serving and leading, and between achieving organizational goals and nurturing individual growth.

Unveiling Servant Leadership with Jon Kidwell

Our conversation with Jon Kidwell was more than enlightening; it was a call to action for leaders everywhere to introspect and realign their leadership practices with the principles of servant leadership. As Jon eloquently puts it, to lead well is to serve well, and in doing so, leaders can truly make a difference in the world they inhabit. His book, "Redefine Your Servant Leadership," is a beacon for those aspiring to lead with purpose, integrity, and a deep-seated desire to serve.

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