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Unlocking Your Business Potential with Kevin Snow: Serial Entrepreneur & Sales Expert

Updated: Feb 15, 2023



Kevin Snow is a renowned entrepreneur and business leader, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in helping businesses grow and succeed. As the CEO and Founder of Time on Target, COO of Success Champions, and Co-Founder of Success Champion Networking, Kevin is a leader in the world of business development and sales technology. With a 20-year career working with brands like Frontier Communications, Nextel, Salesforce, and BNI, he has a deep understanding of communication and technology and how they can be leveraged to drive business growth.

Kevin's unique perspective as an introvert has given him a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the world of business and sales. He has developed a passion for helping small business owners to grow the business of their dreams and has become a highly sought-after speaker and best-selling author in the process. His podcast "Growth Mode" is ranked among the top podcasts globally and he serves his country as a Captain in the MN Army National Guard.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the insights and lessons that Kevin has to offer business owners and entrepreneurs. From why you should stop trying to close the sale, to why networking isn't about growing your business, Kevin has a wealth of knowledge to share.

"You Don't Have a Sales Problem, You Have a Business Development Problem" According to Kevin, the key to business success is not just sales, but business development. He believes that businesses that focus solely on closing sales are missing the bigger picture, and that by focusing on developing a solid business strategy, they will be better equipped to grow and succeed in the long run.

"Networking Isn't About Growing Your Business" Contrary to popular belief, Kevin argues that networking is not about growing your business. Instead, it's about building relationships and establishing trust with others. By focusing on building these connections, businesses can create opportunities for growth and success in the future.

"Yes, Introverts Can Be Awesome Sales People!" Kevin is living proof that introverts can be successful in sales. As an introvert himself, he has learned how to leverage his natural strengths and use them to excel in the world of business and sales. His insights on this topic are inspiring for all entrepreneurs and business owners, regardless of their personality type.

"Why You Will Never Scale If You Don't Have Processes" According to Kevin, one of the biggest obstacles to business growth is the lack of scalable processes. He believes that by implementing effective processes, businesses can ensure consistent growth and success, no matter what challenges they face.

In conclusion, Kevin Snow is a true thought leader in the world of business and sales. His insights, experiences, and expertise are invaluable for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to grow their business and succeed.

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