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Transforming Leadership: Insights from Steven Turner, Visionary Business Leader



In a recent engaging conversation with Steven Turner, the COO of Beyond Resilience LLC and President of Flow Business Solution, we uncovered profound insights into the evolving realm of business leadership. Steven, with his extensive 34-year tenure at UPS and a solid foundation in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, brings a unique and informed perspective to the table. This blog post encapsulates the essence of our enlightening dialogue, offering readers a glimpse into the future of effective business leadership.

The Urgent Need for Leadership Transformation

The conversation about transformational leadership began with a focus on the current state of business leadership, especially in the context of the recent pandemic and the ensuing Great Resignation. Steven emphasized how these global events have served as a wake-up call, highlighting the dire need for a shift in leadership styles. "The old ways of non-employee focused leadership are no longer sustainable," Steven remarked, stressing the importance of valuing and empowering employees.

Lessons from a Diverse Career

Steven’s insights are shaped by his diverse experiences at UPS, including significant roles across Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Technology. His international exposure, particularly his time in Europe during UPS’s global expansion, provided him with a unique understanding of the universality of effective leadership. "Cultures vary, but hearts do not," he shared, underlining the importance of leading with empathy and understanding across different cultural contexts.

The Difference Between Managing and Leading

A key highlight of our conversation was Steven's delineation between managing and leading. He passionately argued that systems, processes, and procedures are to be managed, but employees must be led. This distinction, he believes, is crucial for the creation of a work environment where employees feel genuinely valued and are thus more engaged and productive.

Addressing Employee Disengagement

Steven provided an in-depth analysis of the historical patterns leading to widespread employee disengagement and the strategies to combat this. He advocated for a leadership style that focuses on individual recognition, personal growth, and genuine care for employees' well-being. This approach, according to Steven, not only enhances employee engagement but also drives organizational success.

Implementing Change

Our discussion also touched upon practical methods for implementing these leadership changes within organizations. Steven emphasized the importance of training and development programs that focus on building leadership skills centered around empathy, understanding, and genuine employee engagement. He highlighted the resources available through Flow Business Solution, which are designed to aid leaders in this transformative journey.

Vision for the Future

Steven's vision for the future of business is one where leaders prioritize the human element of their organizations. He believes that the leaders who will succeed in the future are those who understand the value of their people and lead with a heart-centered approach. His message is clear: the era of managing employees is over; the future belongs to those who lead them.


Our conversation with Steven Turner was a profound reminder of the evolving nature of business leadership. His insights serve as a guide for current and aspiring leaders to adopt a more empathetic, employee-centered approach. As we navigate through these dynamic times in business, Steven’s perspectives offer a beacon of hope and a roadmap for creating more engaged, productive, and human-centric workplaces.

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