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The Art of Engagement: A Conversation with Don Colliver

Updated: Nov 14, 2023



We are excited to bring you a special edition of our blog, featuring an interview with Don Colliver, professional speaker, trainer, and former clown. Don has a passion for engaging with others and helping them connect through communication, and in this interview, he shares his secrets to success.

Don's journey to the art of engagement to becoming a professional speaker and clown has been an interesting one. He discovered the power of authenticity and play in his first clown class and has since been on a mission to help others connect with their audiences in any presentation situation. In our interview, Don talks about his experience as a professional speaker, trainer, and clown and how he uses humor, authenticity, and listening to engage with his audience.

Don provides actionable tips and real-world anecdotes on how to build audience awareness, increase confidence, move past perfectionism, relieve stage fright, and find joy in presentations. He also shares his thoughts on the connection between clown and public speaking and how understanding a clown "bit" can help your presentation stand out.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of our blog and that you find value in the insights and advice shared by Don Colliver.

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