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Progress and Innovation During Turbulent Times


First Publication Off of the Gutenberg Printing Press (courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)


Welcome to the first newsletter of the Financial Freedom for Physicians brand!

Each week we will cover a high level topic, and then delve into updates on the company and what's happening in the world of media, finance, tech, and healthcare.

The picture above is one of the first publications off of the Gutenberg printing press back in 1454.

Ever since living through the dot com bubble, 9-11, Enron-WorldCom scandals, and 2008, I have been a student of history and trends post 2010 especially with regards to innovation and technology.

I have seen companies started from garages and laptops change the world for better and for worse.

As such, I am always studying what is happening in our world today and what are the risks and opportunities to be on the lookout for.

No other field has the power to radically transform our lives than technology.

The internet is the "backbone" of the Information Economy, and no technology has collectively unlocked more freedom for the entire world.

Post-COVID, we will start to see more empowered entrepreneurs, thought leaders, creatives, and influencers start to shape the world for the better.

Innovation always follows S-curve adoption, where technology goes unnoticed, and oftentimes ridiculed in the initial phases (deceptive phase).

But then a "tipping point" occurs where product-market fit is achieved, then exponential traction and mass adoption occurs.

This was evident during the early days of the internet, search, social media, and blockchain technology.

We are seeing the same discussions around Bitcoin, Ethereum, digital assets, Web3, metaverse, and NFT's.

We then see the effects such as democratization, increased access, increased opportunity, better products and services, cheaper, and greater efficiencies.

This scenario has played out over-and-over again, with the printing press, telegraph, telephone, radio, TV, computers, internet, smart phones, social media, artificial intelligence, and countless other examples.

Turbulent times are when the progress and innovation happens.

Many companies such as AirBNB, Uber-Lyft were born out of the financial crisis of 2008.

Many more game-changing companies will be coming out of the COVID pandemic.

Expect the future to be exponentially faster and experiencing change on a level that we have never seen before in the coming years.

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