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Crossroads of Law and Entertainment with Robert Sciglimpaglia



Introduction: In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting a truly multifaceted personality - Robert Sciglimpaglia, an attorney, actor, producer, and voice-over artist whose career spans over three decades in law and nearly two decades in the entertainment industry. This blog post captures the essence of our enlightening conversation with Robert, offering a glimpse into his diverse experiences and the wisdom he's gained at the intersection of law and the arts. This article will discuss the crossroads of law and entertainment with Robert Sciglimpaglia.

The Legal Beginnings: Robert's journey began in the field of law. He shared his experiences in passing bar exams across multiple states, starting his own law firm, and the intricate cases that shaped his career. His deep understanding of the law has been a cornerstone of his professional life, influencing his ventures in entertainment.

The Acting Pursuit: Perhaps most fascinating is Robert's transition from law to acting. He recounted his first acting role in the PBS-TV show "American Experience: Hijacked!" and his memorable appearance in the 2012 Chevy Super Bowl commercial, "Happy Grad." He spoke about the challenges of balancing his legal career with his passion for acting, and how each field complemented and enriched the other.

Voice Over and Beyond: Robert's work in voice-over, particularly as the director of the BIXBY voice sessions for Samsung Galaxy phones, was a highlight of our conversation. He delved into the technical and creative aspects of voice-over work, discussing how his legal expertise has helped navigate the complexities of intellectual property in this sphere.

Producing Films and Navigating Entertainment Law: As a producer, Robert has been involved in over 35 film and television projects. He shed light on the legal intricacies involved in film production, and how his legal background provided a unique advantage in this field. His book, "Voice Over Legal," has become a go-to resource in the industry, and he spoke about his role in the precedent-setting TikTok lawsuit.

The Future of AI in Entertainment: An intriguing part of our discussion was Robert's thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence in entertainment. He provided insights into how AI is reshaping voice-over work and the legal challenges it presents.

Conclusion: Our conversation with Robert Sciglimpaglia was an inspiring journey through the realms of law, acting, voice-over, and film production. His story is a testament to the power of pursuing diverse passions and the synergies that can arise from such a blend. For anyone interested in the intersection of law and entertainment, Robert's experiences offer invaluable lessons and inspiration.

Call to Action: To learn more about Robert Sciglimpaglia and his work, visit his website at Robert Sciglimpaglia's Website. For more engaging stories and insights from industry leaders, keep following our podcast and blog.

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