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Interview with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley, D.O., M.H.A

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

1. Tell us briefly about yourself.

I'm a physician who became "The Doctor's Doctor" because of my success helping other doctors - and maybe a little bit because I originally set out to be a Pathologist! I have a Masters degree in business (concentration in healthcare) and am a certified coach through the National Career Development Association. I've worked with hundreds of doctors over the past decade - in all specialities, in every state. I mostly work with physicians 1-15 years out of training who are interested in being proactive about their careers to help them carve their path within a non-clinical career or side gig.

2. What drew you into coaching?

My own transition about 15 years ago. It was difficult to do by myself and I didn't know who to trust. There weren't other physicians to reach out to for help.

3. What is the #1 skill that a great MD coach needs.

Good active listening skills.

4. What is the #1 mindset that a great MD coach needs.

A positive mindset and a drive for empowering other physicians to be the best can they can be.

5. What is the #1 fear, frustration, need/ desire that your clients come to you with.

Fear they won't be able to make a change.

6. Any resources you'd like to include?

My website with many free resources:

Thanks Michelle!

Michelle can be reached at:

Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO, MHA, RD, LD, CLT

President, Physicians Helping Physicians and DocRD

Website: and


LinkedIn: physiciancareertransition

#physicianburnout #physiciancoaching #nonclinicalcareers

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