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Intention Setting into 2023



Hey guys!

Every year around this time, I take the time to reflect back on the year- on what went well, what didn't, what challenges, and opportunities, and areas for growth and improvement.

It's a time for experimentation, intention and goal setting. And gearing up for the upcoming year.

I've changed the term from goal setting to intention setting. The reason why I like the term intention setting is that is a more sustainable in the long term.

Goals are short-lived and fizzle out usually two weeks into the new year. The more intentional you are, the more focused you are about how you spend your precious energy, time, and talents.

  • For example, what areas of your health, family, relationships, finances, business, career are you working on to improve.

  • How are you showing up in this world? With yourself, significant other, family?

  • How are you challenging yourself, growing? How are you challenging your current beliefs, values and perspectives?

  • What books, programs, courses, conferences, conventions are you planning to invest your time and money in?

  • How are you improving in the areas of nutrition (eating clean), exercise, fitness, mental, emotional health, and sleep so that you can function 100% effectively.

  • How are you working to gain more time, freedom while working less and making more, and making your business and career more efficient, effective, and streamlined.

It's questions like these that allow one to brainstorm and it's like a kid in a candy store, and shopping in a mental and emotional gold mine.

That's it for this week. Tune in for next week!

Happy Holidays!

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