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Engineering Leadership with Gregory Skeete




In the ever-evolving world of business and leadership, the fusion of technical acumen with robust leadership skills is becoming increasingly important. This was the central theme of my enlightening conversation with Gregory Skeete, a globally recognized Maxwell Leadership Coach and an accomplished engineering professional. Gregory's unique blend of expertise in STEM and leadership coaching offers valuable insights for today’s professionals. This article is about Engineering Leadership with Gregory Skeete

The Heart of Engineering Leadership:

Gregory started our conversation by diving into the core of his Life Engineer Coaching System and The PyraParadigm, his leadership development framework. These innovative tools are designed to empower professionals, particularly in STEM fields, to become high-performance leaders. They focus on developing a CEO mentality, which Gregory believes is essential for designing and building a successful professional and personal life.

Cultivating a CEO Mentality:

A significant part of our discussion revolved around the importance of adopting a CEO mindset. Gregory emphasized that this mentality isn't confined to business owners or top executives but is crucial for anyone aspiring to lead effectively. He shared strategies for nurturing this mindset, including setting clear visions, making strategic decisions, and embracing continuous learning.

The Synergy of People and Processes:

One of Gregory’s key messages was the vital combination of managing people effectively and implementing strategic processes. He explained how this synergy drives excellence within teams and organizations, a principle that he applies in his coaching with business owners, executives, managers, and STEM professionals.

Engineering Leadership with Gregory Skeete:

Gregory's journey of continuous self-reinvention was particularly inspiring. He shared how his experiences, including learning from global thought leaders and working in various industries, have shaped his approach to leadership and coaching. His story is a testament to the importance of adaptability and lifelong learning in today's fast-paced business world.

Understanding and Influencing Your Team:

A crucial aspect of leadership, according to Gregory, is the ability to understand and influence your team effectively. He shared techniques for leaders to quickly grasp team dynamics and individual motivations, which are essential for fostering a productive and positive work environment.

Imparting Leadership Lessons to the Younger Generation:

Gregory's passion for shaping future leaders was evident when he spoke about his role as a children’s author. His Pilly Pelican books are not just stories; they are vehicles for introducing young minds to fundamental leadership concepts, a creative approach that speaks volumes about his commitment to nurturing leadership from an early age.


My conversation with Gregory Skeete was a masterclass in understanding the nuanced relationship between engineering principles and effective leadership. His insights are not just applicable to those in STEM fields but to anyone aspiring to lead with excellence in the modern business landscape. Gregory’s approach, which beautifully blends technical expertise with human-centric leadership strategies, is a blueprint for success in both life and business.

Call to Action:

To dive deeper into Gregory Skeete’s methodologies and to access his wealth of resources, visit Whether you're a budding leader or an established executive, Gregory's insights are sure to offer valuable perspectives on your journey to leadership excellence.

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