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Unveiling the Digital Veil A Conversation with Michael Trigg



In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, few voices are as uniquely positioned to comment on its societal impacts as Michael Trigg. Once a Silicon Valley insider, Trigg has transitioned from shaping the digital world as a tech executive and investor to scrutinizing its underbelly through his critically acclaimed novels. I recently had the privilege of sitting down with him to delve into his insights and reflections on the confluence of technology, culture, and identity. This article is about Unveiling the Digital Veil A Conversation with Michael Trigg. Here’s what unfolded.

From Silicon Valley to Literary Critique

Michael's journey is as fascinating as it is instructive. With a career spanning over two decades in the heart of tech innovation, he witnessed firsthand the seismic shifts technology brought to our lives. Yet, it was his transition to writing that offered him a new vantage point. "Writing allowed me to explore the nuances of technology's impact on society in ways that my corporate role never could," Michael shared. His first novel, "Bit Flip," is a testament to this, offering a scathing critique of startup culture and the tech industry's darker facets.

The Shadows of Tech

Our conversation naturally gravitated towards the themes of his upcoming novel, "Burner," which examines the vortex of online movements and the distortion of identities in the digital age. Michael emphasized the dual nature of technology: as much as it connects and empowers, it also alienates and manipulates. "The internet has become a double-edged sword, offering unprecedented access to information while simultaneously enabling the spread of disinformation and extremism," he observed.

AI and the Future of Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a topic Michael approached with both optimism and caution. He acknowledged AI's potential to revolutionize industries and improve lives but was equally concerned about its implications for privacy, employment, and creativity. "AI could be a tool for incredible advancement or a catalyst for unprecedented inequality," he noted, stressing the need for ethical frameworks that guide AI development and deployment.

Navigating Digital Culture

Our discussion also touched on the challenges of maintaining authentic human connections in an era dominated by digital interactions. Michael pointed out how social media, while fostering global connectivity, often exacerbates the political and social divides. "We must be mindful of the bubbles we create around ourselves with algorithmic recommendations, which reinforce our biases rather than challenge them," he said.

Unveiling the Digital Veil A Conversation with Michael Trigg

As our conversation drew to a close, Michael shared his hopes for the future—a future where technology serves to bridge gaps rather than widen them. He envisions a society where digital advancements are aligned with human values and ethics, ensuring that the tech industry's growth does not come at the cost of our societal fabric.


Talking with Michael Trigg offered a rare glimpse into the mind of someone who has not only participated in the tech world's evolution but is also critically examining its trajectory through his writing. His novels are not just narratives; they are mirrors reflecting the complexities of our digital existence. As we continue to navigate this digital age, voices like Michael's are essential, reminding us to question, critique, and, ultimately, understand the digital veil that shrouds our modern lives.

For anyone intrigued by the interplay of technology and society, Michael Trigg's works are a compelling exploration of the digital landscape's depths—and the unseen currents that shape our world.

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