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Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 24, 2023



Real estate investing has always been Kase's passion. At Overland Investing, his team of eight employees acquires 120+ rental units and flips 60+ homes annually without ever seeing most of the properties that they purchase, and hit financial freedom. They work remotely, travel consistently, and focus on family first.

Currently, Kase and his family of four is preparing for a 3-month overland road trip in their Toyota Tacoma w/ Alucab, Khaya, and his wife. During the trip, they will work on the road, homeschool along the way, and spend time building their family and relationships.

Together, Kase and his family have the ultimate freedom that everyone is seeking: time, location, financial, and health freedom.

Ideas discussed in this episode include:

  • Building a lead generation machine

  • Convert unused equity into passive income

  • How to travel and work on the road with a family of four

  • A journey to hit financial freedom and how you can start

  • How to pivot to where the money is? When to change your mindset

  • What does your team look like? What systems do you have in place?

  • How do I get started in real estate?

  • Can you deep dive a real estate deal?

  • What partnerships do you have? Why?

  • How did you build your team? any overseas VAs?

  • What side businesses do you have?

  • What passive income do you have? How? Why? What next?

  • For someone just getting started in flipping/investing/financial freedom - what advice would you give them?

  • You've pivoted a lot. Why?

  • How do you travel and work at the same time?

Disclaimer: Not advice. Educational purposes only. Not an endorsement for or against. Results not vetted. Due your due diligence.

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