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Architecting Wealth, Financial Freedom, and Abundance

Updated: Jan 11, 2023



Mark Yegge has always been fascinated by the process of building wealth. Mark loves to write and has a love of learning. He writes and teaches about things that are practical, that can help make people better, and bring positive change to the worlds. He has authored books and courses about business, negotiation, wealth management, time management, and investment strategies.

He is the host of the Wealth Architect Podcast, to "get the word out" about how people should be taking control of their finances in this fast-changing world, where the markets, economy and politics are discussed each each week.

Topics discussed during the interview include:

  1. How to create safe, reliable passive income from the stock market

  2. How to make 2 to 4% a month in your investments (the boring way to financial freedom)

  3. How blockchain is going to massively change our lives

  4. How Wall Street’s axioms hold back our investments

  5. Why mindset is 90% of investing

Caution and Disclaimer: Due to market volatility and economic uncertainty, none of the information in this episode is financial advice. Specifically, the episode is not an endorsement for or against the guest and associates. Results not vetted. Do your due diligence. It is for educational purposes only.


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