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Announcement: Financial Freedom for Physicians is Expanding and Rebranding

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


Note: transcription provided by Otter.AI, which is a technology company that develops speech-to text transcription and translation applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Hey guys thanks for tuning in a quick five minute announcement on the Financial Freedom for Physicians Brand. Financial Freedom for Physicians is expanding, and so it's time to rebrand.

A little bit about where we've come from. We've grown our listener and subscriber base substantially over the last two years. We've attracted a number of partnerships and sponsorships.

Because of that, I want to continue expanding my reach and influence. Initially, it was physician guests, and it was targeted towards a physician audience. Moving forwards, it will include not only physicians, but also high-income earners, and high net worth individuals. So this could be in all different fields including law, dentistry, engineering, and I really, I want to focus also on business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, coaches, public speakers, and thought leaders and influencers.

So why are we doing this?

  • Expansion in the reach and the growth. I'm always in a growth and expansion mode, and thinking about the future. While everybody says to niche down, I want to broaden and expand my reach and influence.

  • The other thing that I want is increased access and increased distribution for the audience, and listeners. I also want to give guests that are doing other things outside of medicine a chance to come onto the show and share their thoughts, wisdom, and experience. And hopefully, even the native physician listeners out there can benefit from that.


Rebranding means that not only are we changing our target guests, and also our speakers and our audience, but we're also changing the content as well. Initially, it was all about traditional investment vehicles including: real estate, commodities, stocks, equity, business, insurance, finances, investing, and so forth.

But now I'm really focused on very innovative and cutting-edge trends. So you're gonna hear all about digital assets, you're gonna hear about blockchain. I know crypto DeFi, NFT's, Web3, and the metaverse are not in vogue during the current bear market. But the entrepreneurs keep innovating as we speak. So as soon as we get out of this bear market, you will see the fruits of our labor come to pass, with huge advances and huge leaps in innovation.

The reason why I want to cover these areas is that the number one barrier to technological adoption is education and a poor user interface, user experience (UI-UX). Compounding upon these barriers are regulatory barriers, bad actors, volatility, and uncertainty. And that leads to a misunderstanding of the space.

Regarding regulation and policy, I'm really interested in how politics, the law, and the regulatory landscape affect this really nascent and really innovating space. If the United States can get its policy straight and make the correct strategic bets, it can position itself as a leader in the blockchain space, similar to how it capitalized upon the Internet Revolution during the early 2000's.

Moving forwards:

We will be introducing two podcasts (video and audio) per week. You can access all of the content here (please subscribe, like, comment, leave a 5-star review, and share with your friends):

We will also be introducing new Premium content which will give you exclusive access to some of the best content through webinars, masterclasses, guest interviews that can not be accessed through the free channels.

You can sign up for early access here. The first members to subscribe will be grandfathered into this hugely discounted monthly price for life. The premium access is expected to increase substantially over time.

In addition, you will also be getting daily (mostly) blog posts from the website, Medium, LinkedIn, and we're also announcing a premium subscription to Substack (coming soon).

So that's it for the rebrand and the expansion announcement. I'm looking forward to really amping things up the latter half of 2022 and making a large impact 2023 and 2024.


Note: This transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity.


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