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Unveiling the Power of Impact Investing and Alternative Investments: Insights from Josh Ziegelbaum




In today's fast-paced investment landscape, a new wave of conscious investors is emerging, seeking opportunities that not only generate financial returns but also drive positive social and environmental change. To shed light on this paradigm shift, we sat down with Josh Ziegelbaum, Investor Relations Manager at Legacy Group, a trailblazing alternative asset manager with a focus on impactful investments in Latin America. In this enlightening conversation, we explored the fascinating world of impact investing and alternative investments, uncovering the potential they hold for creating a better, more sustainable future.

Legacy Group's Commitment to Impact Investing:

During our conversation, Josh passionately shared Legacy Group's core mission to leverage their team's local knowledge and international expertise to identify and nurture profitable investment opportunities that have a profound social and environmental impact. By bridging the gap between emerging markets in Latin America and global investors, Legacy Group offers a unique opportunity for individuals and institutions to directly contribute to positive change.

Unearthing Alternative Investments Beyond Borders:

One of the key topics we discussed was the allure of alternative investments outside the United States. Josh provided valuable insights into why investors are increasingly diversifying their portfolios beyond traditional options, seeking untapped potential and higher returns in emerging markets. Legacy Group's expertise in Latin America enables them to unearth hidden gems and connect investors with opportunities that align with their financial goals and impact-driven aspirations.

Exploring Farmland Investments:

Josh shed light on the immense potential of farmland investments as a compelling alternative asset class. Beyond financial gains, investing in farmland offers stability, inflation protection, and the chance to support sustainable agriculture practices. Legacy Group's strategic approach to farmland investments not only promotes long-term appreciation but also emphasizes the importance of responsible land management and environmentally conscious farming techniques.

The Green Coffee Company: A Success Story in Impactful Investing:

A highlight of our conversation was the success story of The Green Coffee Company (GCC), a portfolio company of Legacy Group. Josh shared the remarkable journey of GCC, which has disrupted the Colombian coffee industry with its innovative business model and commitment to controlling the entire coffee supply chain. As Colombia's second-largest coffee producer, GCC exemplifies Legacy Group's vision of investing in impactful ventures that prioritize positive social and environmental outcomes.

The Rising Significance of Impact Investing:

Our discussion also revolved around the increasing significance of impact investing in today's world. Josh emphasized the growing awareness among investors that financial returns alone are no longer enough; they want their investments to make a meaningful difference. By integrating impact considerations into their investment decisions, individuals and institutions have the power to drive positive change, contribute to sustainable development, and leave a lasting legacy.


Our conversation with Josh Ziegelbaum was both enlightening and inspiring, providing a glimpse into the transformative potential of impact investing and alternative investments. Legacy Group's dedication to generating positive social and environmental impacts, coupled with their commitment to identifying promising opportunities in Latin America, presents a unique avenue for investors to align their financial goals with their values. By embracing impact investing, we can collectively shape a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for generations to come.

Invest in your values and explore the power of impact investing and alternative investments with Legacy Group today!

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