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Igniting Passions: A Deep Dive into Gregory Fischer’s Journey from Combat to the BBQ Pit



There’s an undeniable power in stories that weave trials, transformation, and triumph. One such compelling narrative is of Gregory Fischer, a former US Marine Corps veteran, who transitioned from the battlefield to corporate leadership, and then to the entrepreneurial world of barbecues. I recently had the privilege of exploring Fischer's remarkable journey, revealing an inspiring blend of resilience, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of passion.

From Battlefield to Boardroom

The roots of Fischer's story lay in his valiant service in the US Marine Corps. After three combat deployments, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, he was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant. In the crucible of conflict, Fischer honed qualities like discipline, resilience, and leadership—skills that would later serve him in the corporate and entrepreneurial arenas.

Venturing into civilian life, Fischer armed himself with a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and an MBA from Alverno College. He then plunged into a decade-long journey through the insurance and finance sectors, making a name for himself as an adept leader and coach. Yet, despite the comfort and stability of his corporate position, an entrepreneurial spark within him yearned for something more.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Fire

In a daring leap of faith, Fischer made the transition from the boardroom to the barbeque pit during the turbulent times of 2020. Alongside co-founder Ben Kreple, he launched Burn Pit BBQ—a platform dedicated to sharing delectable grilling recipes, innovative barbecuing tips, and flavorful seasonings.

When probed about his audacious decision to quit a secure job amidst a pandemic, Fischer’s reply was one of unwavering conviction: "I believe in investing in myself. I wanted to turn my passion into my profession and was confident that the discipline, leadership, and adaptability I acquired from my military and corporate tenures would see me through.”

The Battlefields of Combat and Kitchen

Fischer eloquently drew parallels between his military service and his new entrepreneurial venture. He noted, "Just like military service, running a business requires discipline, strategy, and adaptability. The unpredictable nature of combat and the kitchen is similar—both necessitate quick decision-making and problem-solving skills."

Nuggets of Wisdom for Future Entrepreneurs

For those contemplating carving their own entrepreneurial path, Fischer offered this insightful advice: "You must be the architect of your own destiny. Understand the risks, be ready to put in hard work, and above all, believe in yourself.”

Gregory Fischer’s journey from the combat zones to the corporate world and eventually to the BBQ pit, paints an inspiring picture of resilience, self-belief, and relentless pursuit of one’s passion. As he continues to share his grilling secrets and valuable entrepreneurial tips, his mission remains to help others find their own confidence and live life with intention.

Taking a cue from Fischer’s book, let’s stoke our own passions, embrace the journey, and feast on the fruits of our labor. Because, in life, just like in BBQ, it's all about firing up our spirits and savoring each moment.

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