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Beyond the Laughter with Dick Wybrow



In the sprawling universe of supernatural fiction, where darkness often overshadows light, Dick Wybrow emerges as a beacon of humor and wit. I recently had the privilege of engaging in a captivating conversation with the man who has mastered the art of intertwining the eerie with the uproarious. Dick Wybrow, a best-selling author renowned for his humorous supernatural thrillers, shared insights into his unique journey from the stand-up comedy stage and radio to the pinnacle of Amazon's best-seller lists. This article is about Beyond the Laughter with Dick Wybrow.

The Genesis of Humor in the Supernatural

Dick's career is a testament to the power of humor as a universal language, even in the most unexpected of genres. The transition from making audiences laugh in person to doing so through the written word was, in his words, "a natural progression." His ability to craft stories that are as spine-chilling as they are side-splitting is a rare skill. "Humor," Dick says, "is the light that pierces through the darkness of the supernatural, making the horror all the more relatable and the thrill even more exhilarating."

Crafting Characters That Resonate

During our discussion, Dick emphasized the importance of character development in his storytelling process. His characters are not just participants in their supernatural worlds; they are as real and flawed as any of us, often finding themselves in absurdly funny situations against a backdrop of supernatural intrigue. It's this relatability, coupled with a healthy dose of humor, that makes his characters stand out. "I want my readers to see parts of themselves in my characters," he shared, "to laugh with them, and at times, laugh at them."

The Influence of Personal Challenges

One of the most profound revelations during our chat was how Dick's personal life influences his writing. Living with narcolepsy, Dick has faced challenges that many would find daunting. Yet, he views his condition as a source of inspiration, a unique lens through which he sees the world. "Narcolepsy has taught me to find humor in the unexpected," he explained. "It's a reminder that life, much like my stories, is unpredictable and should be taken with a sense of humor."

A Global Journey of Inspiration

Dick's rich background, from his roots in Canada to his life in New Zealand, infuses his work with a diverse cultural perspective. This global viewpoint enriches his narratives, providing a broad canvas on which his characters play out their adventures. "Every place I've lived has contributed to my storytelling," Dick remarked. "The different cultures, the landscapes, the people – they all find a way into my writing."

The Future of Humorous Supernatural Thrillers

As our conversation wound down, Dick shared his excitement for the future. With the third book in the Wolfwere series on the horizon, he's eager to continue exploring the balance between the macabre and the mirthful. "There's something magical about blending scares with laughs," he said. "It's a journey I'm thrilled to be on, and I can't wait to see where it takes me – and my readers – next."

Beyond the Laughter with Dick Wybrow

Talking with Dick Wybrow was not just an insight into the mind of a brilliant author; it was a reminder of the power of humor to transform and transcend. In a genre often dominated by darkness, Dick's work is a beacon of light, proving that even in the supernatural, laughter is indeed the best medicine.

For readers looking for a thrilling adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously, Dick Wybrow's novels are a must-read. And as for aspiring writers, Dick's journey from comedian to best-selling author is proof that with enough creativity, determination, and humor, any genre can be redefined.

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